I’m No Longer Successful On Medium

My earnings and stats have jumped off a cliff

Shamiha Said


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I started my blog on Medium just under ten months ago, and I started hoping to reach as many people as possible, spreading neurodiversity one article at a time. Within a few months, I learned I was a skilled writer and connected with many readers.

Medium has changed the algorithm again, meaning many writers, like myself, have noticed a dip in their earnings. To make things worse, Medium have no transparency. We have yet to determine why our earnings, views and reads have dramatically dropped.

I’m an autistic writer, and i can't help but feel that this lack of transparency and the constant changes to the rules and regulations make the thing i love the most, writing, feel overwhelming and challenging.

To put things into context, my articles were doing exceptionally well. I was becoming a top writer in different categories multiple times a month. I was awarded a ‘Medium boost’ for every published article, as medium editors and staff recognised I was delivering unique and well-crafted pieces.

I am still writing quality articles that are well-researched, well edited and published in the same publications. I am posting articles once a week to focus on quality instead of quantity, as Medium can reward quality pieces of work.

Although many new writers on Medium have reported higher earnings, those writers doing substantially well on Medium previously have also noticed a dip in their writing. My earnings have dipped by up to 75%. It’s soul-crushing, and I have no idea why or how to salvage them.

I’m a writer with ADHD & Autism, so when I finally succeeded at something I loved to do, it kept me sane and gave me a natural dopamine boost. I felt like I’d finally found a purpose, and now that my writing barely reaches anyone, I feel completely depleted. When you’re neurodivergent, it’s hard to keep pursuing writing when the algorithm throws you to the wolves.

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I would love to know if you have any advice for me or your own experiences to share. I would love to learn more from fellow writers!

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